I’ve shared more with my accountant than my mother.

We hear this a lot, and we value your trust. With your confidence in us, we are here to get you through your major financial decisions.

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We are Chartered Professional Accountants.

At SBLR, we are accountable, determined and recognize the value of building strong relationships with our clients by skillfully advising owner-managed businesses with our accounting, tax and advisory services.

How We Work Together

Keeping you in the loop

We promise to keep you informed by clarifying the scope of the work. In an effort to increase communication your Team includes Partner, Manager, Team Member and Client Excellence coordinator, who is responsible for keeping us all together.

Your life, our service together, a nice balance

For your well-being and for the good of our Team, we strike a nice balance and plan our work together. All engagements are scheduled in advance and secured in our system. Just like in restaurants, this block of time is dedicated to serving you.

Value for money

The vast majority of the work we do is based on agreed upon fees, which will also include ongoing communication as well as regularly scheduled meetings. In circumstances where it is not possible to fully understand the scope of the work until we dive in (such as complex tax work, due diligence, assistance on purchase or sale of a business, etc.), we will provide you with a range of estimated costs. We value being practical with your money.

No surprise bill

You will know exactly what fees will be charged. When the scope of the work changes, we will communicate with you and discuss the most cost-effective way of dealing with the change in scope.

Success Stories

Uncovering significant tax savings.

A seasoned entrepreneur initially approached SBLR to file trust returns. At our introductory meeting we walked him through the process of filing trust returns. As our conversations unfolded, he shared his long-awaited business dream of setting up an acquisition platform. What began as a meeting to discuss trust returns suddenly turned into a bigger conversation requiring our advisory services.

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A successful sale.

A client has been in the allied health industry business for over 50 years and has trusted us to look after his business needs for the last 15. Over time, the business has grown and become very successful. One good day, our client unexpectedly received an offer to purchase his business, taking him by surprise as he did not know how a sale process worked. Given the relationship we had built with our client, we were called to advise him through each phase of the transaction.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

A couple of years back I switched my accounting services to SBLR. I was not unhappy with my previous provider, but I was looking for a firm that would invest the time to get to know me and my business, with the aim of giving better financial and tax advice. I have been impressed with SBLR’s commitment to service and professionalism, and have appreciated their consistent willingness to take the extra step.

Mark Satov

Founder and Leader – SATOV Consultants

Beyond the numbers, SBLR provides unparalleled customer service. When I first opened my business, the team patiently and thoroughly answered all of my questions. They continue to provide valuable advice to help support the growth of Menus by Maria. I have the utmost confidence in the SBLR team and highly recommend their services.

Maria Gagliano

Owner & Founder – Menus by Maria

I’ve been with SBLR for a number of years and have had an outstanding experience. They’ve handled all my complex corporate and trust issues, as well as my personal tax planning. The partner on my file and all the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and proactive.


Entrepreneur and Investor

The team at SBLR has become a most valuable asset to our financial management, providing expert guidance and ensuring that our personal and business financial affairs are in good hands.

SBLR is to accounting what Michael Jordan is to basketball.

Bram Goldstein

President - BIG HQ


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